9-12 June 2016
Warsaw, Poland

Our teachers

This year aside of RhythmJuice Become a Teacher contest finalists we decided to invite one couple for master classes (2 hours per level).

Vilmantas and Migle are Lindy Hop teachers from Kaunas, Lithuania. Since the discovery of Lindy hop 5 years ago, they are passionate dancers, as well as one of the main teachers and organizers in second biggest city of the country. Even if focusing on technique or movements, they always encourage their students to express themselves and enjoy the dance! They are happy to share their ideas, inspiration and joy for this dance.

Vilmantas was also a finalist of the 2016 edition of Become a Teacher contest!

Alexandra Zlatanova, Bulgaria
Her passion for dancing started at an early age when she first encountered classical ballet. She has a formal dance education in the Bulgarian National Dance School. Together with Andrey Dushkov, she is teaching and competing in Boogie Woogie championships in Bulgaria and performing in some key events for the Lindy Hop scene in the country. She has represented swing culture on stage alongside some of the best dance performers nationwide. Alya has taken part in some of the most respected swing festivals across Europe, where she has seized the opportunity to learn and share dances with the best and most famous names in the swing dancing world.

Andrey Dushkov, Bulgaria
He used to do many sports before finding his real passion – the swing dancing. Andrey started to teach classes back in March, 2014. Ever since, he enjoys what he is doing even more, because he sees dancing makes people around him happy. His first trip abroad was in August, 2015 to CEUSDC, where he won the JnJ competition. After that, he managed to win 2nd at Transwingvania, Romania and to reach the strictly lindy finals at Dragon Swing, Poland. Andrey has experience in other swing styles like Blues and Boogie Woogie. This gives him the ability to see dancing from many angles.

Sofia and Damyan are like the perfect balance of craziness and professionalism. Both coming from very different backgrounds, they found a matching point in the face of swing dancing. They are teaching at swing dance school “Lindy Hop Bulgaria” in the city of Sofia. Their partnership turns out to be a very good idea. They will help you think and dance out of the box and we can assure you – it will be a lot of fun!

Sofia’s life is dedicated to dancing – already 20 years and she can’t get enough! Starting from classic ballet, going through theatre and dance studies, and also – contemporary dance, Broadway and Afro jazz, she had the opportunity to work with world-wide stars in this genres. Now, she’s making choreographies for theatre plays and movies, along with being a Lindy Hop dance instructor for 3 years already.

Damyan’s career path is actually taking a Marketing and PR direction, but when he decides to take Lindy Hop classes, he finds out that this is giving him a lot of excitement and pure joy. It didn’t took him long to fall in love with swing dance and for two years already he’s been taking part in workshops with some of the biggest names in the Lindy Hop scene and he’s having his own groups of “students”.

For the first time Elena came to the world of social dances in 2009 – it was latin. In 2010 she fell in love with the Lindy Hop and later tried all kinds of swing dances: Balboa, Boogie Woogie, West Coast Swing, a little Blues and Shag. In 2014 she started teaching Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz and Balboa at Kiev Swing Dance Club.
Elena enjoys social dancing as well as competitions, loves the process of creation of new choreographies.

Dmitry started social dancing accidentally at the age of five — with a group mate in a kindergarten. Then circumstances made him take a pause in dancing for 15 years to become an IT guy. Fortunately for Dmitry, being an IT guy cleared out the way to becoming a swing dancer!

This story led to everyday rhythm diving and having lots of fun. And that is what you definitely can expect at his classes!

The Schwings

(Vilnius, Lithuania)

The Schwings is an ensemble of swing, gypsy and Brazilian jazz. The trio stands out by an authentic, original sound as well as sincere communication with the audience. A pulsating rhythm, unusual instrument combinations, artistry, positive and lively performance – all these aspects are what best define The Schwings.

Wisła Hot 6

(Warsaw, Poland)

Mark Shepherd – trumpet, vocal
Zbyszek Konopczyński – trombone

Bartek Smoragiewicz – clarinet
Tadeusz Czechak – banjo
Piotr Janiec – tuba
Marcin Lemiszewski – drums

The Cajun Spices

(Warsaw, Poland)

Put together some cayenne pepper, a bunch of oregano, thyme, garlic and sweet pepper to recall the taste of Louisiana. Mix the washboard, banjo, guitar, saxophone, double bass, violin and accordion to discover it’s sound.

The Cajun Spices is an unique combination of passion for music and swing dancing being the one and only band in Poland created by dancers and for dancers.

The band’s inspiration is music performed by legends of jazz from 20’s and 30’s, the gypsy jazz and the sound of today’s New Orleans street musicians and busking bands.

Join our journey to the place where the dew is hanging diamonds on the clover’s green leaves and the breeze is singing softly in the shadow of trees watching the waters of the lazy Mississippi.

Our DJs

It began with music and that first violin lesson when she was 6 years old. Her adventure with dance began a bit later – in 2014 at the SWINGOUT.PL Swing Dance Studio in Warsaw (Poland). What quickly became her greatest love was the Collegiate Shag. She currently combines her passion for dance and music by dancing with the Warsaw Shag Team, playing the violin in The Cajun Spices band, and DJ-ing at swing events and festivals.

She seeks musical inspiration in classic swing and traditional New Orleans jazz, as well as in the sound of contemporary bands, among them such groups as Tuba Skinny, Rhythm Junkies and The Two Man Gentleman Band. The most important thing to her in the music she plays is the joy and positive energy that carries dancers out onto the dance floor.

The world of Lindy Hop she discovered in 2013 during first workshops in Tricity. It was love from the first dance. Half year later she started dj-ing during next workshops parties. Since that moment she is a regular DJ in her home city Gdańsk. He has also several appearances on international festivals in Poland. As a dancer and DJ she likes energetic and rhythmic music with a characteristic instrumental sections.

Just after Grzegorz started (recently!) dancing Lindy Hop in Warsaw Swing Dance Studio SWINGOUT.PL he completely fell in love with swing music and traditional jazz. With his music you can be sure to feel good groove and to hear many crazy wind instruments straight from New Orleans. He loves the sound of trombone.

Karolina called Karol began her console adventure during Retro Weekend Summer’s End. She loves music ­ especially jazz and decided to make use of it and share her passion with others. She dj­s during regular parties and festivals such as Krak the Shag, Lindy Invasion , Lindy on track in Cracow. In February 2016 she had a chance to dj during swing event in Germany. Karolina constantly looks for inspiration and loves to watch the way dancers interpret songs. She is fascinated by various genres and tints of music and you will surly find that on her playlist.

The passion for rhythm and music led him onto the dance floor and dance experience he gained convinced him to try to be a Swing DJ. He uses every moment to listen to music. He takes music inspirations from various sources i.e. Traditional Jazz, Classic Swing and Blues.

Tomasz began dancing Lindy Hop to the likes of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and Louis Prima; his favorite songs by far were Mr. Pinstripe Suit and King of Swing – and his first performance was to Irving Berlin’s Steppin’ Out with My Baby. Over the next seven years his musical taste changed, as he discovered Jimmy Lunceford and Slim Gaillard which provided simple and silly but also rhythmical tunes. After an excursion into Dixieland’s two beat rhythms, his preference now is in the solid four. He believes you cannot overplay Count Basie or Benny Goodman and his sets find a time for all the greats including King Oliver, Erskine Hawkins, Fletcher Henderson, Johnny Hodges, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Roy Eldridge, Willie Bryant, Lionel Hampton, Artie Shaw as well as contemporary talent such as Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns, the Cangelosi Cards, Jonathan Stout and Gordon Webster.

Event price list

Full Pass

  • 5 hours of classes
  • 2 hours of tasters
  • preparty
  • afterparty
  • 2 nights with two amazing jazz bands
  • 4 couples of teachers 
  • more social activities

Party Pass

  • 2 hours of tasters
  • preparty
  • afterparty
  • 2 nights with two amazing jazz bands
  • more social activities

Our schedule

The schedule may be subject to change.

V + M – Vilmantas and Migle
A + A – Andrey and Alya
D + S – Damyan and Sofia
D + E – Dmitry and Elena

Venues’ locations below.

Thursday, 9th of June

20:00 – 21:00

Taster: Michał Oblaciński & Katarzyna Dybowska – COLLEGIATE SHAG FOR BEGINNERS – Plażowa


Preparty at Plażowa (Wybrzeże Szczecińskie) – DJ, entrance: free

Friday, 10th of June

11:00 – 14:30

Picnic, noon social dancing and REGISTRATION – ALL LEVELS – at Cud nad Wisłą

14:00 – 15:00


15:00 – 16:00

Taster: Michał Ruszkawski & Ewa Jarosz-Jarszewska – How to steal a leader/follower during the dance – Ohlala

16:15 – 17:15

Taster: Agnieszka Pluwak – KING OF THE FLOOR – Ohlala


Party at Klub Medyk (Oczki 1A) – Wisła Hot 5, JnJ Prelims, Rookie JnJ Prelims, Teachers Presentation, entrance: 40 PLN

Saturday, 11th of June




11:00 – 12:00

V + M (master class) – ATTP Room 1

D + E (contest class) – ATTP Room 2

12:15 – 13:15

V + M (master class) – ATTP Room 1

D + E (contest class) – Ohlala

D + S (contest class) – ATTP Room 2

13:30 – 14:30

D + E (contest class) – ATTP Room 1

V + M (master class) – Ohlala

A + A (contest class) – ATTP Room 2

14:45 – 15:45

V + M (master class) – Ohlala

16:00 – 18:00

Street dancing with The Cajun Spices band at Nicolaus Copernicus Monument (see on the map)


Party, Sztuki&Sztuczki (Szpitalna 8) – The Schwings, JnJ Finals, Rookie JnJ Finals, Invitational JnJ, entrance: 50 PLN

Sunday 12th of June




11:00 – 12:00

A + A (contest class) – ATTP Room 1

D + S (contest class) – Ohlala

V + M (master class) – ATTP Room 2

12:15 – 13:15

D + S (contest class) – ATTP Room 1

A + A (contest class) – Ohlala

V + M (master class) – ATTP Room 2

14:00 – 15:30

Old Town walk, meeting point: Sigismund's Column (marked on the map)

16:00 – 18:00

Warsaw Uprising Museum / Chopin Museum, meeting points: at the entrances to the museums


Party at DZiK (Belwederska 44A) – The Cajun Spices, entrance: 20 PLN

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Venue location


Thursday Party – Plażowa, Wybrzeże Szczecińskie

Friday Party – Klub Medyk, Oczki 1A

Saturday Party – Sztuki&Sztuczki, Szpitalna 8

Sunday Party – Dom Zabawy i Kultury (DZiK), Belwederska 44a


Ohlala, Solec 38 – MOKOTÓW group

Room 1 and 2 – Akadaemia Tańca Tomasza Potockiego (ATTP), Wolność 2A – WOLA and PRAGA groups

Our competitions

You can sign in for the competitions during the Friday party before the prelims.

All the finals will take place at Saturday party.

I you have been dancing for a year or less, this competition is for you!

During the prelims you will dance to two or three songs with random partners.
Judges choose leaders and followers individually.

In finals you will dance with a randomly selected partner.

I you have been dancing for more than a year, this competition is for you!

During the prelims you will dance to two or three songs with random partners.
Judges choose leaders and followers individually.

In finals you will dance with a randomly selected partner.

You cannot sign in for this competition, there are no prelims, it's for our teachers only.

They will dance with a randomly selected partner.

You cannot miss that!